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Dr. Jasmine Beard, D.C  She/Her


About Me

Dr. Jasmine is a Northern California native that loves travel, exploring local food spots, and hiking with her dog, Apollo.

While studying International Cultural Studies at a private university on the North Shore of Oahu, she was able to explore and flourish her passion for serving and connecting with those of other cultures. Shortly after graduation, she interned in Suva, Fiji with a grassroots organization focused on the economic development and empowerment of women as well as education for children. During this internship, she became sure that helping people and working with women and children was something she wanted to pursue, but at the time was still unsure as to what capacity. 

While working and living back home in the Sacramento area, she was a passenger in a severe rear-end collision. This led to her seeing a chiropractor for the very first time. Being able to see firsthand how chiropractic was integral to helping her body heal inspired her to begin her personal health journey and follow her passion for chiropractic. 

Dr. Jasmine attended Life Chiropractic College West where she was trained in multiple chiropractic techniques including lighter force techniques such as drop table, spring-loaded instruments as well as traditional full-spine manual adjusting. She spent a year being mentored and trained by Dr. Jessica Lips, the founder of Ginkgo Chiropractic. Dr. Jasmine is also Webster Certified and is an active member of the International Pediatric Association. She is excited to serve and become a part of the Berkeley community!

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