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Dr. Rachael Knopf, D.C  She/Her


About Me

Dr. Rachael Knopf grew up in Marin County, California imbued with a desire to serve. Dr. Rachael’s interest in biomechanics and the inner workings of the body was fostered in the Animal Science department of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. After years involved in the equine field and working as a horseback riding instructor and horse trainer, the “lightbulb moment” that inspired her to pursue a chiropractic education occurred when she observed a chiropractic adjustment that transformed the health and vitality of one of her horse friends. 


After graduating from Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Rachael spent 6 months living in Delhi, India, establishing and working in the new Oneness Chiropractic Clinic, a “sewa”/ service operation run in partnership through Life West and the Sant Nirankari Mission. Her time in India gave her valuable experience with people of all ages and levels of health, and strengthened her understanding of the power of chiropractic and unleashing the innate healing capacity within. 


Dr. Rachael loves applying her intuitive skills to her chiropractic work and can accommodate a wide variety of people, body types, and stages of life with a toolbox including certification in Webster Technique, tonal and light force work in the BGI model, and training in craniosacral, and deeper-force techniques when appropriate. She is eager to assist your body and nervous system into better balance to optimize your health and your body-mind-spirit integration.


When she’s not serving the Berkeley community at Ginkgo Chiropractic, Dr. Rachael enjoys adjusting animals (she’s also a certified animal chiropractor), riding and training horses, gardening, and hiking in Sonoma County where she lives with her dog and her partner. 

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