MEet the Ginkgo team


Dr. Jessica Lips, D.C.

Family Chiropractor // Pediatric & Pregnancy Specialist // Owner

Dr. Jessica Lips is a board-certified, licensed chiropractor and founder of Ginkgo Chiropractic & Sensory Development Center in Berkeley, CA.

Dr. Jess specializes in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic and loves adjusting the whole family. She firmly believes that setting up the body to work at it's most efficient right from the beginning is the best way to keep kids healthy and thriving. Children can be seen as little as right after birth and are always treated with the utmost care and gentle touch. The pressure for a newborn is like that of you pushing on your eyelid and can still be instrumental in helping with colic, ear infections, constipation, torticollis, etc. Right now, kiddos from birth to 1 year old are checked for FREE at Ginkgo Chiropractic if another family member is under care.

Dr. Jess is an active member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and is Webster certified, a gentle chiropractic technique for balancing the pelvis and pelvic ligaments during pregnancy. She is also trained in Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Sacral-Occipital Therapy, Biogiometric Integration, and practices Full Spine Adjusting.

Growing up as a multi-sport player herself, Dr. Jess loves helping athletes, young and old, heal from an injury, optimize their performance levels or simply stay balanced and toned.

Dr. Jess is unique in the fact that she uses chiropractic adjustments along with functional exercises, diet coaching, supportive whole-food supplementation and soft tissue techniques when needed. One of her favorite things about being a chiropractor is being gifted the opportunity to see into someone’s system that often has not been seen before; to unravel the complexities and tension points that bodies tend to hold when they don’t have the tools or direction to release it. Re-connection is one of the most beautiful things to witness and Dr. Jess loves being a gentle yet encouraging facilitator in that sometimes bumpy process.


Dr. Mandy Chan, D.C.

Family Chiropractor // Team Doctor

Dr. Mandy Chan believes in living with passion, giving with love and serving with purpose. Having been a lifelong athlete, Dr. Mandy sustained various sports injuries over the years that cultivated an insatiable curiosity about the body and its amazing ability to heal. This led her to explore chiropractic and ultimately attend Life Chiropractic College West. During her time there she trained with Kairos Training Culture and committed weekends to seminars with incredible mentors in Bio-Geometric Integration, Upper Cervical Knee Chest, and various other techniques.

Dr. Mandy approaches each individual as a unique mind-body-spirit system. As a facilitator of healing, she employs chiropractic adjustments and integrative breathwork to invite your body to unravel patterns of tension, allowing for increased brain-body connection and optimal life expression.

Outside of the office, Dr. Mandy is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player, CrossFitter, cat-lover, and movement enthusiast. She currently serves as Team Doc for Oakland Guerrilla, an elite Ultimate Frisbee team, and has served for two professional Ultimate Frisbee teams (SF Flamethrowers and SJ Spiders) in the AUDL. Possessing a playful spirit and full of dynamic energy, Dr. Mandy is passionate about working with families, office professionals and athletes alike and enjoys holding space for others to show up as their most authentic self.


Kiarra Graybill

Chiropractic Assistant // Front Desk Superstar