The Ginkgo Series

Welcome to the Ginkgo Video Series!  Here you will find an ever-increasing stream of health-relevant videos.  It may include Patient Testimonials, Health Talk Snippets, Informational Tips, Exercise Demos & More.  Hope you enjoy!

Anthony's Story: The Ginkgo Series 1

The Ginkgo Series 001: Anthony's Story

Anthony came into Ginkgo Chiropractic without much hope. He had been taking 16 ibuprofen a day to deal with his chronic left-sided neck pain and facial numbness, avoiding the urge to take a much stronger prescription pain medication given to him as treatment. For 7 years, Anthony tried multiple different therapies to try to alleviate this pain that would keep him up at night, drain his energy, contribute to his anxiety and ultimately contribute to his quality of life & happiness.  Click on the video on the left to see what happened when Anthony took a chance on Ginkgo Chiropractic and what progress he has made after just 10 adjustments in the office! 

Ginkgo Links 002: Chiropractic & The Immune System


Dr. Jess gives you a sneak peak into the intelligence of the body and how chiropractic care can help you utilize tools necessary for helping the immune system do it's job.  Oftentimes feeling "under the weather" means staying on the couch and resting as much as possible.  As much as resting is essential for giving adequate energy to the immune system, if the communication highways of the body are jammed, we need to free the up!  The more efficient your nervous system is at communication with the brain and the body, the faster the immune system will receive clear signals and instructions on how to help you fight off the invader and feel better.  What use are the tools if you can't get to them!?

Cilantro's Chiropractic & Nutrition Story.


Say hello to Cilantro!  At only 23 years old, CIlantro was consistently and severely "throwing out their back," which manifested in sharp shooting sensations and numbness & tingling in the mid/low back.  X-ray analysis for this patient was crucial and also very illuminating.  With appropriate and specific adjustments, muscle work and nutritional therapy, we slowly worked to peel back the layers of pain & tension held in Cilantro's spine & body.  Cilantro describes being in a place where they felt very "lost" and "didn't know what was wrong with them" and then changing to, as Cilantro explains it, "progressing towards something green."  Do you know anyone who is dealing with numbness, tingling, pain or simply just feeling "off"?  Listen to Cilantro's story about how Ginkgo Chiropractic has helped them get back on track!

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